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Do you know...

... What is REALLY going on in your industry on the internet?
... Who your customers are, what they are looking for and why?
... Where the leads are? Where your people are? Where the MONEY is?
... How much time, energy, and money it is going to take to get your website profitable?

Find OPPORTUNITY. Create and build websites based on STRATEGY. Set yourself up for SUCCESS!

Anybody can build a website. But, if you want a website that actually works, give us a call at 928-204-9015.

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Flagstaff website design sample: Trans-Canyon Shuttle

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Sedona Web Design by Charlotte Howard
Sedona Web Design

Sedona Home Builders and General Contractors: The Morris Company

Southwest essential oil distillers


Sedona SEO Web Design: At A Glance

We want you to LOVE your new website, your customers to LOVE your website -- and we want your website to MAKE YOU MONEY!

Our websites are custom, creative, and competitive -- optimized for the search engines, your customers, and your bottom line.

About Your Sedona SEO Website Designers

We are creative, intuitive, designers that demand excellence.

  • Our design style is classic -- to add longevity to a website.
  • We use superior quality photography and graphics -- to show your website visitor within seconds that you care and have high standards.
  • We are control freaks, and pay attention to even the smallest pixel-size details.
  • We want you to be totally, completely thrilled with your website, and we will listen to you during this very creative, collaborative process to make sure this happens.

Why We are Different

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Why are we different? Well, we are artists AND marketers. Everything we do is part of a careful and comprehensive strategy to present you as a serious competitor and an authority in your field. We are your internet partner that wants you to succeed. In our eyes, your online presence must be superior. Read why you should choose our Professional SEO Web Design services

Visit to see a dynamic new Sedona website design by Charlotte Howard.

New client, Elizabeth said:

"I have looked at thousands of websites. Your websites consistently present the perfect balance of beauty and information. That's why I am hiring you to create my new website."


Our Sedona Web Design Services

Beautiful Web Design: HTML, WordPress, Mobile
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Print Materials / Graphic Design
Hosting with E-mail and Stats

Royalty-Free Stock Photography

NEW! Competition Intelligence
Consulting / Training
Web Copywriting
Social Media: Facebook, Google +, Vimeo, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube
Google Analytics

NEW SERVICE: Competitive Intelligence
Find out where your competitors are vulnerable so you can dominate the search engines.

Please call (928) 204-9015 to inquire.

Our Creative SEO Web Design Process

Our process is fun and complex. You will learn a lot. We are a team that communicates, questions, and creates a website and a STRATEGY for your internet success. We will be researching, consulting, designing and building your new website for launch, and planning for the future. Read more about our SEO Web Design Process



Certified Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Great websites have two components. First, we have to create the best website we possibly can for you. Then, it has to be FOUND. Right now, it must be found in Google. You will learn what it will take to get you on Page 1 of Google for many different keyword phrases. We will educate you on the differences between high-traffic and niche phrases. Together, we will discover new places to position you on the web. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it is a critical component that drives our creative process. Read more about Foundational SEO

Wow. Page 1 on Google in just 4 days. That is awesome! Charlotte, you are the best at SEO!
-- Terri N.


Certified Advanced Internet Marketing

Certified Advanced Search Engine Marketing Seal

In addition to Foundational SEO, Charlotte Howard SEO Web Design provides powerful off-site Internet Marketing Services and Consulting. These traffic-building strategies include Online and Print Press Releases, Article Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, Competitive Intelligence, and more. Increase your website's internet exposure today! Call us to inquire if any of these services are right for you. 928-204-9015


Sedona Internet Marketing... On Cruise Control. Sedona SEO and SEM done for you!

Sedona Internet Marketing... On Cruise Control. Sedona SEO and SEM done for you!

Comprehensive Monthly Packages for all budgets.

SEDONA INTERNET MARKETING! Get your website in front of more PEOPLE. Ask us about Press Releases, E-mail Marketing, Blogging, Competitive Intelligence, Link Building, and more!

Now Offering Internet Marketing Consulting and Training.
Please call (928) 204-9015 to inquire.


Happy Sedona Web Design Customers

OMG! It is truly the most spectacular web site I've ever seen. I am so jealous. It is clean and colorful, and easy to navigate. You go girlfriend! I am really really impressed. Congratulations!

I'd like to extend my compliments to Charlotte Howard/Sacramento Web Design on the beautiful Lionsgate Hotel web site My firm is attending an event at Lionsgate Hotel so I just looked up the site to provide directions, and the California Poppy, left nav links, moving pictures and in-general quick-loading page impressed me. Thanks for designing a user-friendly, beautiful site!

This is a stunning website...easy to navigate, beautiful, incredible photography, super layout and color coordination for site!!

I received my first call and email from a prospective client via the web site. They liked the web site and images...very exciting! Charlotte are awesome!
(This client's web site had only been posted for one week!)

Damn sharp opening page and the hookup for email is right on. Looks like the web master knows how to do elegant!

Excellent letterhead, envelope, and business card. You are a pleasure to work with....thank you.

This is exciting! People are finding my new site and buying! about incredible...the pictures are PERFECT. Thank you for so understanding what I was trying to say and reflecting it so beautifully in imagery.

Wow! What a fantastic web site!!! I really enjoyed it. I have shared this with many friends. Thank-You.

Char ... you’re very good at what you do. And, you’re very easy to work with … a true professional.

I was very pleased to see the amount you charged me, and in fact would have been happy to pay more. Your work is very valuable and the highest quality. Thanks for everything you have done.



Internet Marketing Training

Ask us about our 2-Day Internet Marketing Training. It is a one-on-one, intensive workshop that puts you in the driver's seat of your internet destiny. Find out if it is right for you. Call 928-204-9015.



"Hi Char,
I am e-mailing you to let you know that I am getting a lot of positive feedback from my customers about the company web site you did for us. Everyone says that it is very professional and easy to move around in. My sales have increased and I am very happy with the work you did, most of all your professional attitude and customer service that you provided. I could not have asked for better service. I for sure will recommend your service to others. Thanks!"

-- Jay Javey, Owner of Challenge Coin USA


For your convenience --
We accept credit cards and PayPal.

Please give us a call at 928-204-9015 or send us an e-mail if you have any questions. We offer a FREE 30 minute consultation - a nice amount of time for you to learn about us and for us to learn a little about you.



Our Location

Our primary office is in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. But that doesn't stop us from designing or optimizing websites anywhere in the country. In fact, we have clients all over the United States.

Charlotte Howard Web Design
PO Box 3928
Sedona, Arizona 86340

Clients Say...

"I am so grateful for your continued support and masterful talent.  My life is a dream today helping others and it all began with the creation of this website."
-- John Camillieri,
founder of Sedona Sobriety Solutions

"Charlotte Howard is a master at web site design. She sees your project through fabulous design eyes, as well as from SEO orientation, attention to your message, and call to action. I highly recommend her services. Professional and a pleasure to work with, Charlotte rocks!"
-- Linda LaFlamme,
Author, Entrepreneur, and Founder, IARP

"Wow! There is an old Bedouin proverb 'God took a handful of southern wind and blew life into it, creating the Arabian Horse' ... Char, you can take a vision and give it life... Thank you for seeing what's in my heart and making it real. :-)"
-- Tracy Boen, All Gods Creatures

"Thank you for doing such a great job and so quickly. It is such a relief to know I have you in my corner. I love working with you."
-- Laura Vandegrift, Sedona Tours and Guide Services

"First off - I am VERY pleased with the site! You built a really wonderful framework, and it was just what I was hoping for. I also really, really appreciate how responsive and efficient you are in posting what I send to you - it's a thrill to work with you! Thank you so much."
-- Brandy


"For you to achieve your goals, customers must first achieve theirs."
-- Jeffrey Eisenberg