Great Web Copy: What Is It?

Web copy writing is a unique form of writing that compells action. It also has to blend search engine optimization techniques and code work into the mix. Opportunities are in many places on your website and a professional Web Copy Writer knows exactly what to do to maximize those opportunities. It is a professional web copy writer that can optimize your text for the search engines while also keeping your text elegant enough for your human reader. This balanced, quality copy can turn an under-performing web page into your best sales person. Great web copy can be your smartest investment and make the difference between a money making machine or a worthless piece of internet cyberspace.

About Great Web Copy

  1. It should be based on keyword research – so you show up in the search engines for good traffic terms.
  2. The meta-data that shows up in the SERPs must be compelling, so people click on your listing instead of your competitors’ listings.
  3. The text on your web page must speak to your people. It should engage your viewer to read more, browse to more pages, stay on your site longer, call you, email you, sign up for something, make a reservation, or buy something. Essentially, it needs to CONVERT.
  4. It should written and formatted specifically for screen reading (all screen sizes).

You can have a gorgeous website and great traffic, but no business. How can that be?

The Deal Breaker

The deal breaker is your text!

If your text is poorly written, purposeless, and flat – then the visitors who found your beautiful website will not become your customers. People may scan your site, but before they give you their money, they are going to read it.

So… What do you do?

Can you answer that question so well, that you instantly get customers? Customers that are your perfect clients? Don’t you only want to do what you love to do? And make great money?

What you say on your website, at a networking event, on a flyer, in an interview, must be stellar, focused, and authentic. It is a critical part of your business and marketing strategy. It will attract your ideal clients and repel the people you do not want to work with.

You should hire a Professional Web Copywriter if:

  1. You hate writing
  2. You don’t have time to write
  3. Your webmaster has been waiting forever for your content
  4. You are stressed about your website content and can’t sleep at night
  5. Your current website isn’t converting
  6. The wrong people are contacting you for your products or services
  7. You are getting a lot of returns or refund requests
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