Why Hot Leads Turn Cold on Your Website

When your prospective customers land on a poorly written site, it feels more like a “crash landing.” Suddenly, they are in an alien and confusing place where they can’t find their way around and they don’t speak the native language. The writing is awkward, vague and confusing.

Often the crash landing is so terrible that visitors abandon your site in the blink of an eye — 10, 15, 20 seconds — they are gone! They were really hoping you had what they needed, but you under-whelmed them, and they drew the hasty conclusion that your company couldn’t help them.

Dashed Hopes and Great Expectations

Frustrated and impatient, potential customers click off your site and quickly move to your competitor’s site. Instead of a crash landing, they sail smoothly into paradise of pleasures. Your competitor’s design is attractive. Every paragraph of text gives them more reasons to buy. Soon they are excited and convinced that your competitor is the best choice for them.

The scariest thing is this: it took less than 60 seconds to attract – and then lose — a potential customer. How many times does that happen on your site every day?

Where did you go wrong?

Your site failed to accurately communicate how wonderful your company really is, all because of unfocused, bad writing that confuses instead of sells, bores instead of excites, repels instead of attracts. In your heart, you know you’re better than any of your competitors, but your website failed to prove it.

The #1 Reason to Hire a Professional Content Writer

A professionally written website has the same effect as having your top salesperson sit down and personally talk to every prospect that walks in your door, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Right now, your website is your business to every prospective customer that visits it, but your top salesperson isn’t there to make the sale. Instead, you are expecting a poorly written, unprofessional-sounding website to tantalize prospects and magically transform them into customers. That’s just not going to happen!

How to Turn Hot Leads into Happy Customers

My favorite definition of the art of making the sale is: “Selling is the transference of enthusiasm.” If your website is filled with ho-hum, rambling copy, you are in big trouble. If you don’t show obvious excitement about your wonderful products and exceptional services, why would you expect perfect strangers to get excited? If you don’t take the time to give them every reason you can think of to buy from you, why would they pull out their credit card?

My job as a professional writer is to transform your website from a “deadly killer of leads” into a top-producing salesperson that will deliver a steady stream of happy, new customers to your door around the clock. This transformation can only be accomplished with a professionally written, strong sales presentation that transfers your enthusiasm to your prospects.

Don’t Make these Six Mistakes with your Valuable Site Visitors

  1. Don’t bore them with content that has all the appeal and charm of a technical manual.
  2. Don’t confuse them with awkward, convoluted writing that jumps around from one subject to another and fails to communicate important information, stimulate interest, or close the sale.
  3. Don’t underestimate them by thinking they won’t read longer content. Your site must be written and designed to appeal to two types of buyers: a) Impulse buyers who act quickly on limited facts, and b) Slower buyers who want detailed information before they buy. Content must be organized and presented visually in a way to be quickly scanned by the impulse buyer. Headlines, sub-headlines, and short paragraphs will help all readers get the gist of what you have to offer quickly. Links to more details will help the slower decision maker make up his mind.
  4. Don’t assume that prospects will stay and buy just because they have landed on your site. The clock is ticking — and you have to grab their attention fast and keep them interested long enough to make the sale.
  5. Don’t ignore the fact that your prospects have to be thoroughly convinced that you are the best company for them. Every page of your site must help them make that important leap of faith so that they feel safe buying from you.
  6. Don’t forget that when prospects come to your site and find content filled with confusing phrases, grammatical errors and misspelled words, they will begin to have doubts about the professionalism of your company and the quality of your products and services. Before you know it, they will be buying from your competitor.

Make a smart investment in professional content writing.
Your online success depends on it.

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Article written by professional copywriter, Francesca Yates

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